COVID-19 Informations

Last updated: June 14th, 2020*

The access to our region is now granted to any visitor, so is our hotel ready to greet essentials and non-essentials travellers. However, in order to follor the health measures dictated by the government, several of our services are not available.

As the measures relaxed, it is still our common responsability to keep our environment safe. Please make sure to advise the receptionist if you have traveled abroad, been in contact with an affected person, or if you have symptoms, in order to ensure that we put the measures in place to to protect our employees and our other customers.

During this particular period, we want to assure our customers that our team is working to put in place and apply all the measures deemed necessary. Our team is on the lookout for and implements recommendations from local, provincial and federal health authorities, as well as the World Health Organization regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). Our ultimate goal: to continue to offer the attentive service that characterizes our business!

Following government recommendations, Hôtel La Saguenéenne has implemented preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus among our employees and guests;

Our hygiene measures

We have deployed additional hygiene measures and implemented exceptional cleaning measures, in particular in the following places:


In the rooms, we use cleaning and disinfection protocols intended to clean the rooms after each departure and before each arrival, paying particular attention to the elements most affected by the hands. We have also decided, on our own mind, to leave the rooms free for a minimum of 72 hours between each rental in order to minimize the risks for our maintenance team and our customers. In addition, in order to protect our customers and our staff, we no longer do housekeeping in the occupied rooms.

We have also eliminated the following items from our rooms:

  • Decorations that do not comply with new cleaning protocols (cushions, throwing on beds, etc.).
  • Paper documents (restaurant menu, tourist guides, comment cards, etc.) are available on request at reception.
  • Non-disposable items (cups, glasses, etc.) have been temporarily replaced by single-use items.

Public areas

We have also implemented several measures in our operations to help maintain a safe environment for our customers and employees.

  • Increase in the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of public spaces, in particular at the level of the offices at reception, elevators and their controls, door handles, ramps, public toilets and even room keys.
  • Installation of sanitary stations in several places in the hotel to allow hand disinfection with a hydro-alcoholic solution.
  • Reduction of the capacity of our establishment.
  • Protective mask worn by our housekeeping and technical maintenance teams
  • Installation of a protective screen at the front desk to welcome customers safely.
  • Encouraging social distancing among employees and customers, with signage present in the establishment.

Coming soon!! Online registration and online payment option. This will reduce the exchange of documents and reduce the time spent at the front desk.

Application of voluntary isolation:

If you have stayed abroad for the past 14 days or if you have any of the following symptoms (fever, cough, breathing difficulties) please postpone your visit and honor the recommendations of the government by placing yourself in voluntary isolation.

We apply the same recommendation for voluntary isolation for any employee returning from a trip or cohabiting with a person who has stayed abroad to place themselves in voluntary isolation for a period of 14 days.

Non-essential trips

According to the latest updates, we are now pleased with government announcements encouraging non-essential travel within the province. Nontheless, please report any symptoms or travel abroad to our receptionist when making your reservation.


Service status of the establishment:

Hotel, rooms and reception: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Video-Poker Bar: Closed

Meeting rooms and mezzanine areas: Closed

Atrium Tropical (swimming pool, sauna and spa): Closed

Training room: Closed

Business center: Closed

Restaurant: Closed